Contouring is a Hollywood secret to having your face be red carpet ready. A beautifully contoured face photographs wells and highlights and defines the bone structure you have. Here are some tips on how to get this contoured look.

When beginning to contour the highlighter goes where your face would normally reflect the light and the bronzer is added to parts of the face where you might need more definition. For example, highlighting and contouring the nose will make it appear smaller. 

Where you choose to contour and highlight, is completely up to you. That's if you even chose to do it at all. Make sure if you're going to contour the jaw, you also take it down slightly on either side of your neck, so that your skin tone matches. Also when contouring the nose, be careful and blend the bronzer downwards on each side. Blending is key.

TIP: Make a 'fishy face' or pout into the mirror, between the corners of your mouth and your cheekbones a line/dent will appear. This is where you need to put the bronzer in order to get those highly defined cheekbones. Make the bronzer darker towards the outer edge of your face and lighten it in a sweeping motion below your blusher. (Don't take the bronzer all the way to the mouth.)


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