Relationships can create extreme amounts of adrenaline. Twists, sharp turns and unexpected loops come along with the ride — but you love it, so you hang tight to your seat and enjoy the journey.

I’ve spent 17 years on the #teampippen roller coaster, and I’ve laughed, learned and loved. Many lessons have come from growing up with Scottie. We’ve seen each other blossom as people, professionals and parents — and we did it all as a team. In my younger years, I did my fair share of window shopping, as I wasn’t really interested in committing to a serious relationship. For me, it was always about the final destination and not the first stop.

Needless to say, Scottie proved himself to be more than just a pit stop, and here we are, almost two decades later, one another’s final destination. Looking back through time, I attribute the success of our relationship to many things, including trust, loyalty, communication, respect and love. We both make an effort to meet halfway even when we strongly disagree. What’s important is remembering to put yourself in the other person’s shoes regardless of personal morals or values — you don’t have to agree, but try and understand their point of view.

As Scottie and I experience life, one thing we both recognize is the importance of happiness and well-being. The golden rule remains: “No expectation, no disappointment.” A relationship consists of giving before taking, and putting your partner’s needs before yours. Now tell me — are you willing to take the risk and ride your own roller coaster?