As parents we sometimes insist that our kids engage in an activity such as taking ballet lessons "because they'll love it later" or participate in basketball year after year "so they'll make the high school team" over protests.

While parents should help direct young kids to certain activities based on interests or abilities, it is important we allow kids to ‘find their fit’ through various sports and activities that draw their attention. Perhaps it's letting them choose between two equally acceptable options (such as trying football or swimming) and then supporting their decision.

Remember that children are people too, with interest, ideas and abilities all of their own. I am a huge proponent of a healthy and active lifestyle, so I do think it is important to have your child staying socially active through some sort of physical activity. Whether it be a sport, dance, or just playing with friends. I encourage them and guide them, but don’t force them to do things they simply hate. It is important to allow kids to experience different activities and decide which one fits their fancy.


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