As we welcome this new year, I know many of us have set forth resolutions to become healthier, fitter versions of ourselves. And while I know this task may seem a bit daunting (particularly after the past few self-indulgent holiday months), having a guide and some motivation can make this goal much more attainable.  

Which is why I’m excited to announce that my long-time friend Larsa Pippen will be partnering with TLS Slim on to bring you access to products, advice, personalized programs and coaching, and a variety of online tools to help you reach your fitness goals for 2015.

Larsa is the perfect candidate for this project because of her passion for fitness, health and wellness. She’s a mother of four who always looks absolutely incredible. And her site, Life with Larsa, is dedicated to sharing her interests with others, one of the greatest of which is health + fitness. Larsa will be sharing simple tips and tricks you can add to your daily routine to make losing weight and keeping it off that much easier. So you’ll want to stay tuned for more updates about Larsa’s channel on, where you’ll be able to find the incredible resources you’ll need to get fit and healthy in 2015 with TLS Slim. Episodes will begin airing Monday, January 5th. Don’t forget to watch!