You can use your flat iron and your curling iron to create glamorous looks without damage to your hair providing you use the right hair products and know the basic rules of heat styling.

Hair keeps the shape in which it cools down. This is why flat irons can turn unruly curls into shiny straight strands of hair and why a curling iron can give lofty volume to limb hair. Heat styling can however become a problem for your hair. Styling devices can reach temperatures up to 220oC (428oF) and cause micro-fine damage to wet unprotected hair.

The long-term consequences are split ends, lack of luster and breakage. This can be avoided by applying protective products before any heat styling. These products make styling easier and prevent topical overheating. Equally important is the choice of the styling device. Newer flat irons have special coatings (e.g. ceramic coatings), which ensure even and moderate heating of the hair.

Product Recommendation: Chi has created a number of products to effectively straighten your hair in the healthiest way possible. Using chi’s ceramic flat irons in combination with their silk infusion serums can help your hair fight the flat irons high intensity heat.


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