Working out can sometimes seem like a chore between all your other tasks including parenting, but working out can easily become a fun activity when engaging your children to partake. Consider these tips below for living a more active lifestyle with the family. 

Get Sporty & Have Fun: forget the serious aspect of sports and just have fun shooting hoops, tossing a football or playing catch. Kick it up a notch by adding challenges along the way. But don't allow rigid rules of the game to interfere with creating a love of exercise for your child—and you! Regardless of what kind of activity you engage in with your kids, be sure to emphasize the importance of enjoying being active. You don't want to teach your children to dread a workout session, but rather to look forward to an hour a day of whatever activity they love the most! I typically play ball with the boys and practice ballet with my little girl, Sophia.

Kids and video games go together like peanut butter and jelly: so instead of fighting the passion of an entire generation, jump onboard! Gaming systems like Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect inspire the entire family to join in the fun with active video games like sports, adventure activities and dancing. I suggest the following video games on the Wii gaming council for a sweat-filled experience.

  • Just Dance 4 ($29.99)- Take exercising to a whole new level with over 40 all new-chart topping hits. Challenge your little ones and find out who’s got the moves and who’s got to move over! 
  • Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout ($24.98)- Are you tired of boring gym sessions, tired of investing on health product? Do not worry all you need is the Gold's Gym Cardio Workout which functions as your personal trainer. This Wii video game includes many cardio related exercise like skipping, cardio boxing, sit-ups, running. A one stop shop for an in-home workout. 
  • Get Moving Family Fitness ($19.98)-  With more than 18 sports challenges in 11 exotic arenas, Get Moving is the fun, new way to keep your family active. Game includes: basketball, baseball, biking, boxing, flying, football, volleyball, speed skating, and more! Perfect for the mini-athlete of the family. 

Quality Time With The Little one: just because your child is too little to exercise on his own doesn't mean you can't enjoy a sweat session with him in tow. Pack him in a carrier and head out on a flat-surfaced hiking trail, strap him into a stroller and join a group of moms, such as Stroller Strides, who work out with their stroller babies or check out your local yoga studio's class schedule for a mommy and me or kid-friendly yoga class.


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