Have you every caught yourself questioning your very own indulgence? You know that piece of chocolate does the body no good but you still break a piece of that Kit-Kat bar. You should be on your way to your daughter’s one-millionth-ballet recital but instead you catch yourself on the couch lounging and loving every minute of it.  Turns out guilt should be just as pleasurable as self-indulgence. Find out some common “guilty pleasures” by mothers that claim they too should be able to have some fun sans guilt.

Fantasizing During Sex: studies show that it’s perfectly fine to design scenarios in your head during sex to move your arousal up a notch. Fantasizing also allows you to take more responsibility for your own satisfaction rather than resent your partner for sometimes not making it happen. Get creative with your thoughts, just make sure you’re not regularly fantasizing about the same person or worst: living out your fantasy.

Eating Chocolate: everything is good in moderation. Did you know chocolate has more antioxidant power than many nutritious food including strawberries, blueberries, and garlic.  2.3 ounces of dark chocolate contains as many oxidants as a pound of strawberries!  The idea is not to substitute fruits for chocolate, however, its ok to let go of the guilt that comes with indulging in a piece of chocolate from time to time. Go ahead, let them watch you eat Reese’s pieces in peace.

Leaving Your Child at Home: need some “me” time? Have a huge to-do list to attack? Get a babysitter or if they’re old enough, let them stay at home for a few hours. Many mothers do not consider this an option unless they’re planning a night out, however, this can be a healthy and therapeutic option for both the mother and child. A babysitter will help you accomplish a lot more with your time while also providing your child with social interaction. The sense of accomplishment will help you keep a high stamina while keeping your child happy that they’re not out running errands with you (I’m sure they’d much rather be playing at home).

Have A Hobby: more time for you means less time with your child…and its o.k. as long as you’re doing what you love. Becoming a mom doesn’t mean you have to give up the things that make you happy. Some mothers let guilt get to them and stop themselves from initiating new hobbies or extracurricular activities.  If you’re still too attached to your little one consider adopting a hobby you can do from home while they tune in to their favorite TV show or nap away. If you feel comfortable leaving the home for a few hours then consider picking up a hobby with your girlfriends. What matters most is that you feel rejuvenated by it and sense of self.

Watching TV: comedic relief is an organic form of happiness, embrace it! Stop thinking that sitting in front of a TV is unproductive or unhealthy. Set aside some time during the weekend to indulge in comedic content. Involve your little ones by splitting time between channels. Most mothers find this time to be very healthy and rejuvenating, also keeping them from seeking entertainment at work or during busier times in the week.


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