Does your little one beg for 10 minutes of snooze time before getting up for school? Do you honor the request? I do, sometimes. Time goes by so quickly in the morning and it can become difficult to accomplish all tasks without biting into your breakfast time. A healthy meal is important to kick-off your metabolism and to boost your energy for the day. Check out these quick and easy recipes that provide all the nutrients my kids need while getting them to school on time. Perfect on-the-go snacks!

Dressed up yogurt: low in calories and packed with calcium, Chobani Greek Yogurt contains double the protein and much less sugar than flavored yogurt.  Filling and great for those mornings you’re running late add some fruit and flavor by sprinkling a hand-full of trail mix or raisins.

Fruits & Veggie Smoothie: within minutes you can have a refreshing and fruitful breakfast. I usually throw in some strawberries, bananas, kale leaves, a spoonful of peanut butter, and half-cup of coconut water.  Loaded with vitamins A, B-6, and C and tons of minerals, each cup is about 156 calories. On hot summer days, the kids always request mommy’s secret smoothie (they still don’t know about all the fruits and veggies that go into it).

Pop-Toast: who doesn’t love Pop-Tarts? So much sugar in each bite, yikes! My kids love the taste of sweetness in the morning so I found this healthier alternative to the classic Pop-Tart, we call them “Pop-Toast.” They take about 2 minutes to prepare and just a few bites to eat.  All you need is two pieces if wheat bread, 1 tablespoon of butter, your favorite flavor jam, and a banana (or other fruit alternative). Spread the inside of your bread with butter, jam and fill it with pieces of fruit. Leave about ½ in border around the edges and remove the crust. Go back and seal the two pieces together using the tines of a fork. Warm up inside the microwave for 5 seconds, if preferred.

Breakfast Costini: popular in Italy and made of fresh bread, butter, and fruit preserves take this traditional Italian snack and translate it into your own language. Simply slice a baguette into pieces lengthwise, mix honey and butter and spread on slice, then top off with pieces of sliced strawberry.  For those who like to eat light in the morning, a few slices of this snack will keep your stomach satisfied until lunchtime.

All these quick and easy recipe ideas are easy to package and even easier to make. While you gather up all of your kids stuff for the day, have them help you prepare their own breakfast meals in 1,2,3!